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Condo Artist: The Other Side of Real Estate

Uri Vaknin

Tune in now to discover a world of real estate where other podcasts leave off. Condo Artist: The Other Side of Real Estate delivers a wealth of information on topics including selling, marketing and developing condominiums in today’s housing market. This in-depth look at condominium real estate pulls back the curtain on what it takes to market, sell and develop condos in today’s environment. Listen to condominium expert Uri Vaknin and his long-term colleagues, Mark Bunton and Shahn Douglas, as they take you on a journey of how they’ve sold over 1200 condos across five condo communities in Las Vegas coming out of The Great Recession to today - and thousands of others around the country since 2001. Hear how they’ve turned around financing, reimagined communities, survived a tragic event and what they do daily to continue on a path to sales success. Currently based in Las Vegas, this team of condo experts have 53 years of combined experience marketing, selling and developing condos - from concept to closing - all over the US through the good times and the very bad. Listen as they share valuable insights, strategies and best practices on how to develop, market and sell condos!